Episode 8: 2 Steps to Getting Everything You Want

Did you know that there are actually just 2 simple steps to get everything you want? 

These two steps are also the true foundation of building a successful business.

  • Step 1: DREAM. Dream up what you want your life to look like
  • Step 2: PLAN. Build a plan to support that vision

In this episode, Erica will walk you through:

  • what happens when you DON’T have these 2 steps implemented in your business
  • how you can use them in your creative business + personal life to truly get everything you want
  • her personal story of how she doubled her photography studio business in 12 months so her husband could leave his job and join her (they run their photography studio as a wife + husband team!)
  • how 1 creative got clear + left behind feelings of overwhelm + failure after a simple 5-minute exercise!

Creating a plan does NOT have to be hard or stressful. Instead, it should be exciting! You’re going to take control of your business and decide how to reach your goals. Your business can help you achieve anything and everything you have on your heart! That’s insanely inspiring and freeing and exciting, isn’t it?! Knowing that your wildest dreams are all possible thanks to your business?!

2 Steps to Getting Everything You Want Podcast

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